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The charm and secrets of the Costa Tropical and the Axarquía.

Between La Herradura and Nerja is the Maro Cerro Gordo Cliffs Natural Park, the end of the Costa Tropical and the beginning of the Costa del Sol.

We invite you to discover the secrets and wonders of one of the most beautiful areas of the Andalusian coast.

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Boat Rental in Nerja Y Boat Rental in La Herradura

We are located in the Puerto Deportivo de East Marina in the town of La Herradura and in the area of «El Playazo» in the town of Nerja .
From any of our bases you can rent one of our boats and have the best opportunity to explore the best beaches in the area.

We have boats of all kinds and if you have never sailed on a boat we have available boat rental without license , in which you do not need to have any qualifications or experience, we will teach you. These boats for rent without a license We have them available in Nerja and Marina del Este.

Ideas for sailing in the Nerja and La Herradura area

If our starting point is from Nerja we can start the route passing through the famous «Balcony of Europe» and visiting the famous «Cascada de Maro» , we can sail about two miles to the Cala del Cañuelo , one of the best beaches in the area with crystal clear and turquoise waters together with the presence of rocks and cliffs have made it a perfect place for snorkeling or diving. At the bottom of its waters is the famous orange coral, a species classified as Vulnerable to extinction, in which there is an area enabled to anchor.

Playa del Cañuelo is one of the most hidden beaches in the town of Nerja. Located on the border of the province between Granada and Malaga, it is located in the natural area of the Maro – Cerro Gordo Cliffs, whose main characteristic resides in its steep and incredible cliffs. This situation isolates this beach in such a way that access to it is quite difficult, so it is highly recommended to go by boat.

Less than a mile away is the neighboring Playa de Cantarrijan, already in the province of Granada, the water is exceptionally clean and its clarity and cleanliness has been the protagonist of several awards. As fishing is not allowed in the entire Natural Area, the waters around Cantarriján are full of marine fauna.
The amount of fish and the clarity of the water will never cease to amaze you compared to other beaches a few kilometers from the coast. For this reason, one of the most recommended activities is diving.

Cave of the Doves Pigeon cave

It must be borne in mind that it is forbidden to anchor outside the designated areas in the Natural Area, the designated areas are at Cantarrijan Beach, Cañuelo Beach and Cala del Pino. The boundary of the Site is between Cala de Maro and Cala de Calaiza, with a total area of 1,529 marine hectares.

Places of interest that you cannot miss when you rent a boat:

Balcony of europe
Carabeo Beach
Tarzan Stone
The Caleta de Maro
Maro Tower
Paper Mill Beach
Cala de las Alberquillas
Cala Torre del Pino
Cañuelo Beach
Cove of the Maidens
Caleta Tower
Cantarriján Beach
Cerro Gordo
Cave of the Doves
Calaiza cove
Bay of La Herradra
Stone of Man
La Calita
Punta de la Mona
Marina del Este Beach
Port of Marina del Este
Peñones de San Cristobal
Barranco de Enmedio